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January 18, 2015
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January 18, 2015

Writing my cultural studies research paper online


Ever wondered why we take three main meals in a day, or why one has to get to work dressed up, or why we say a prayer before meals and not after? That is culture. Culture defines the behavior of human life. It defines when we eat and how we eat. So next time you encounter someone with “funny” behaviors, excuse them, it is their culture. You look as weird to them just as they are to you.  The discipline of cultural studies is a bit ambiguous since instead of concentrating on a single item, it branches into other many areas. Nevertheless all the fields in cultural studies are interconnected. Here, we provide a brief on how to write a cultural studies research paper online.

A good cultural studies research paper will have a strong theoretical background. This assists to support your findings. Identify your topic of discussion and research what other authors have found out on it, for instance if it is construction of identity, consider the looking glass self by Hubert Mead, and other constructionists theory. A theoretical background in your cultural studies paper gives insight to the reader. Weak cultural studies paper lack the empirical evidence and the student ends up scoring poorly in many of them.

Avoid too much jargon. Each discipline has its own jargon, but make them minimal. Simply introduce a concept in each paragraph and try to elaborate it. The subsequent paragraphs should support the main idea identified. Avoid the use of personal statements such as “I believe”. Any time you however have the personal statements in your cultural studies paper, they should have some empirical back up. Demonstrate to the reader what inspired you. However, do not quote what you are not sure of. You were better off, if you left it as such. Otherwise the reader might think you main intention is to fill the page! As such, referencing is very vital in your cultural studies paper.

Writing a cultural studies research paper online has never been easier!

As you write the cultural studies paper remember that the introduction is made up of the thesis statement. Make sure you state why you decided to tackle that particular topic and how you plan to approach it. Make an analysis, based on a literature review from another source, while comparing your findings with the other factual arguments presented. The body has all the arguments that support the theme or the thesis statement. Make the writer know your stand on the topic by noting down three supporting arguments of each position. The conclusion has a summary of what you tackled in the paper. Make sure you do not introduce the reader to new information on this paper. You can restate or reword your thesis here.

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