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January 18, 2015
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January 18, 2015

The right procedure to write my movie review


A movie preview is meant to enable readers to decide on whether to watch, rent or buy a movie. Writing a movie preview expresses personal opinion of a movie. Before writing a movie review, one should be familiar with the movie’s contents and the type of audience that will read your preview. One should gather basic facts about a movie. This can be done prior to or after watching a movie. A movie review should have adequate information that will enable readers make a well-versed decision about a movie.

One should first watch the movie that he or she intends to review. Watching the movie more than once while taking notes will help one gather more details about the movie. One should understand the basic impressions on the direction, writing and editing. The movie preview should have a captivating introduction that will entertain the readers and keep them hooked on the review. A movie review should have opinions about the movie so as to show what is likeable and what is not in a movie. Discuss relevant parts of the movie so that you can include your opinions. Opinions will make readers decide on the movie by agreeing or disagreeing with the opinion.

A movie preview should have an enticing outline that gives essential details of the movie. It should not have so many details neither should it be exceedingly brief. The review should talk about the actors and the role they play as well as how well they assumed the role. In order to avoid errors in writing a movie preview, it is essential to read through to correct any mistakes.

A movie review should be and easy to understand. Technical language may not be too appealing to the readers. The language should be restrained and accessible for the readers.

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