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The main aim of writing college term paper is to investigate, analyze, and critically review what is known about a certain subject and at the end of the day, add to the existing knowledge of the phenomenon under study. Before you start to write your term paper, you need to be aware that a good topic counts. You must have a lucid grasp of the research question (s) such that an effective thesis can be developed from it. Additionally, the term paper should be clearly related to the aims of the course as directed by the lecturer. If the term paper were to remain relevant, you must write it following a careful survey on the recent publications so as to make informed choices on the matter. In this regard, the term paper needs a careful consideration on cultural relevance, academic reliability and most importantly the recency of any publications you are using. To achieve this, you need to use peer reviewed journals and other books that have been published recently so as to remain relevant. The number of sources must be adequate enough so as to match with the length of paper. To put it simply, you cannot write a 12 pages research term paper with two reference books.

Many arguments can emerge from the number of books and journal articles you read for the college paper. These are determined by the themes, common theories and concepts as emerging from the patterns that have been advanced by other writers. You need to have good paragraphs that will assist you maintain the arguments flow as you delve into the actual writing. The paragraphs should not be scattered with many ideas neither long direct quotations, as such kinds of writings would obviously misleads the writer. Lastly, plagiarism, when writing the research paper is a minus. Conversely, if you follow the citation style recommended by the professor, it is utterly difficult to plagiarize. Plagiarism mainly occurs when you fail to acknowledge the source on any direct quotes used. It is recommended that you paraphrase all the ideas gleaned from literature instead.

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