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January 18, 2015
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January 18, 2015

Write Communication Research Paper well


The purpose of any essay is to communicate the writer’s ideas to the audience. Emphasis for this is evident more in a communication type of research paper. Not only is the communication research paper supposed to bring out the writers ideas but display them logically. Here, we have detailed a few tips that can guide students undertaking communication studies in their endeavors to write outstanding communication papers.

Before you embark on writing a communication research paper, it is advisable to begin with a detailed outline. The outline should have an introduction, a three-body paragraph and a conclusion. Your communication paper should have at least five paragraphs.

The introduction of your communication paper should have a thesis statement. Remember that the communication type of paper is supposed to bring out the main ideas in comparison to other research papers. Thus, mention the main idea in your introduction. Ensure that you are very precise in this; your introduction should be attention grabbing such that the reader can tell what your communication paper is about from afar. Make use of bold statements such a question or statistics. These however should be correct.

As noted, your communication paper should have at least three paragraphs. Each paragraph should support the thesis statement. Additionally, the first line of each paragraph needs to bear an important point that supports the thesis statement. Finally, the conclusion of your communication paper should restate the thesis statement and mention the main points tackled briefly. However, be careful not to repeat the ideas mentioned in the paragraphs, as this might make your paper boring, whose main motive is communication.

The next vital step is referencing your communication paper. Remember that the reader needs to get the message right, so does the academic style used. Ensure that your communication paper does not bear more than a single style. Further, whichever academic style used, ensure that you sticks to its governing rules.

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