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January 18, 2015
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January 18, 2015

Writing my admission essay for a PhD program


A PhD admission essay is the student’s initial impression to the admission board. The admission board is more serious and very selective at this point and a silly mistake could cost you much. The board might thus decide to scrutinize your essay more, since the vacancies are limited to a few applicants each year. It is vital to come up with an impressive PhD essay that leaves the board with a great impression of you. At a research paper service, we assist students come up outstanding PhD admission essays, through the development of the following four basic sections;

There are so many things you can write about yourself. However, when writing the PhD admission essay, remember to tell the admission board a personal story that captures their interest. Your ideas should be provoking. Remember to include a situation in life that clearly displays your skills and persistence. The most important thing however, is that your story should be related to the discipline of study.

State your academic and professional background, detailing what you have gained from other academic fields, You are mature person and your thinking needs to be grown!. Do not write your PhD admission essay life a graduate paper, getting excited over the fact that you joined a new club in school. Tell about a journal that you read and inspired you. Mention role models and other key figures in your preferred discipline and how they inspire you; if you have written any papers or attended conferences related to the discipline indicate them here as well.  Mention your academic intention, stating why you would like that particular program in the school and not anything else. Indicate how the school in question meets your requirements; you need to be careful when writing your PhD admission essay not state any childish ideas. Make your arguments stronger by stating the future plans you have after completing the PhD.

Most importantly, state a few personal attributes, for instance the experience, and other traits that you are sure can assist you nail this chance. It is also your chance to mention that obstacle you’ve been through that left everyone thinking you are a hero. Remember to indicate what is expected of graduate student and how you intend to benefit the program from your skills, once you are given this chance. You can learn more from a research paper service on the best ways to write PhD admission essay.

What if you must write a dissertation proposal as part of your application?

Many students freak out once faced with the task of writing a dissertation. Despite the smooth sailing in their academic works, dissertation writing becomes the only obstruction to that degree or doctorate. This should not be the case. The best way to begin writing a dissertation is making a proper outline. This is regarded as the guideline, the road map to successive dissertation writing. However, if you still regard dissertation writing as an hectic part of academic work, here is the general outline of what you need to follow to crack it;

The dissertation proposal is the most important part of your dissertation writing. You need to convince the supervisor of your dissertation proposal by covering all the parts that are essential. The proposal needs to have the problem of the statement that acts as the framework of the dissertation writing. The literature review, is the second most important part, it should echo all the logical ideas presented in your dissertation writing. The good thing however is that the literature review is not experimental, it arises from secondary data collection. Make sure that you however, highlight the most important points in the review.

Your research methodology should be stated. This can be achieved in a number of ways, either qualitative, quantitative or the integration of both methods. The choice of the methodology however depends on your research questions.

Get to your result writing.  This entails the presentation of data from your research. Results will be presented in texts, tables and figures. Remember to engage your audience in each of results with reference.Citations are very vital in dissertation writing. Use the recommended style, APA, MLA, or Chicago/ Turabian following your supervisor’s advice. Lastly, remember to summarize your work with good sequence following the work you have had in your dissertation writing.