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January 18, 2015
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January 18, 2015

How to write a book review with exciting results


A book review gives a personal opinion of a reviewer. It is meant to give a description and evaluation on the content and quality of a book. While writing a book review, you should describe what is on the page, analyze how the book achieves its purpose and express personal reactions. There is no set formula for writing a book report. It should contain the author’s main ideas and some evaluation of the book.

There are basic requirements that you should know before writing a book review. You should know the author’s purpose and how the book contents contribute to this purpose. It also requires understanding of the genre or the art form of the book and how it functions. An excellent book review should have a statement that gives essential information about the book like the title, author, publisher and the type of book. You should state the author’s purpose in writing the book. You should include the theme and thesis of the book.

Explaining the method of development of the book’s subject is mandatory in writing a book review. The book review should have a summary of the book’s key points as well as some quotes and paraphrases from the author. Evaluation of the book’s content should be a prominent feature of the book review. It should state how well the book has achieved its purpose and the suggested possibilities. More evaluation should be on what the book has left out, what points are not convincing and personal experiences on the subject. You should differentiate personal views from those of the author.

Include a conclusion that bring all issues together and provide an overall comment on the book. The review should keep the audience in mind as this will show emphasis put on all sections of the review.

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