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Every course will have major assignment for the students to tackle. In fact, this assignment is taken so seriously such that the professor issues a rubric with it. What the hell? Well, a rubric is just a fancy way of saying the marking criteria. A bright student will arrange their coursework in regards to this rubric. Simply to get that A in your course work, give the lecturer what they want. The rubric is among the ways one can use to score highly in a coursework. There are other aspects of a good coursework as explained below.

The introduction of your coursework should be impressive and attention-grabbing. Try to induce the reader to go through your entire paper. The professor will of course go through the entire coursework, however, it is pays if he is obliged to continue through a catchy introduction.

The body of your coursework should have a continuous flow of facts. The tone, pace and the rhythm should be similar. This can be achieved through good paragraph construction that focuses on a single item, which is then built up by other supporting sentences. Need I add the paragraphs should be arranged in a logical manner!

Your coursework content should be arranged well. The information should be accurate and very relevant. All evidence presented should support the thesis statement, while indicating an in-depth research into the matter. If you intend to have subtopics in your coursework, a very advisable thing, ensure that they concise and guide the reader. As such, if the reader goes through your coursework sub-headings they can tell what the paper will discuss.

Unless you write coursework solely based on facts which are impossible, ensure that you reference your work. For clarity facts are statements such as “a table is made up four legs”. Other sources in your coursework should be referenced. The right academic style should also be employed in this case.

Learn from Coursework examples available online and improve your writing!

Coursework examples refer to the guiding modules that assist students handle their assignments. There are various sources of coursework examples among them, the professor’s own materials of previous works submitted by students. This is where a lecturer decides to keep an outstanding coursework developed by a student as a guideline to his other students. Others include the internet which has detailed examples, some including similar questions with developed answers.

Students find it hard to use coursework examples. Remember that however hard a topic is, it is a crime to copy and paste a developed answer. Coursework examples are supposed to be guidelines of the relevant methodology required to develop your own paper. It acts as a guide as what the professor requires of you. It thus does not mean that the professor wanted a similar material as what the other student had.

Many companies post coursework examples on their websites, as a form of advertisement. You thus cannot copy it as the paper was presented by another student, perhaps not in your university or college. However, remember that with the inclusion of technology in the learning process, it is very easy to detect any copied work.

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