Q. How do I place an order at your site?
Placing an order at our site is pretty easy. Go to the home page, and click on “order now” button at the top of the page. Fill in the details, in particular, the type of service, topic, academic level, and urgency. After you have filled every detail, click on “preview order” . You will be redirected to the PayPal website to clear payment. Once this is done, you will receive an email confirming the payment made. You will also receive an email from us, with instructions on how to “login” to your account. Once logged in, you can now upload additional materials, see if your order is assigned to a writer, communicate with the writer, and download the complete paper once this is done. It is that simple to place an order with us!
Q. What if I have many files I want to upload to go with the order?
Once you are logged in to your account, you will see a section titled, “files”. You can upload all the files you want, however many they might be, at this section.
Q. What if I want an access to the articles used to write my paper?
You can have access to all the articles used to write a paper uploaded by the writer. However, in order to access these files, we do charge a small premium, understandably so because our writers must pay a small fee to have access to the best databases.
Q. Can I view the progress with my order?
If you want to see the progress with your order, it is simple. Simply login to your account and you can see whatever status your order is, whether assigned, uploaded, in editing mode, and whether complete. You can also communicate with the writer working on your paper by simply loggin into your account. Alternatively, you can call, email, or initiate chat with the customer care representatives, who will provide you with answers to any question you might have regarding your order.
Q. What happens when I need an order done fast?
We have many writers, and it is unlikely that all of them will be busy, even during the hot season. When you need a paper really written fast, all you have to do is place the order and clear payment quickly and leave the rest to us!
Q. Can I make a last minute changes to the instructions?
It is advisable that you clarify all the details for an order with the instructor. In case you must change the instructions, communicate to the support team immediately. However, please understand that our writers’ start of working on an assignment the very moment it is assigned. Depending on the time that has elapsed, we will charge additionally as a compensation for the work already done. In all cases, we will provide you with evidence of the work that has already been concluded.
Q. How do I get my paper once it’s is done?
The complete paper will be uploaded to your profile, after the “editing” phrase. You can now download the paper and use it.
Q. Who will work on my paper?
A highly qualified and professional writer will be picked from our crop of writers to work on you assignment. These writers are professionals, with at least a Bachelor’s degree and with several years of writing under their belts. Majority of our writers come from native English speaking countries (the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, mostly). We also have writers from other countries that write papers for second English speaking clients. You can also request for a preferred writer in case you are a repeat customer.
Q. Are the writers qualified?
Ooh yes they are. As mentioned earlier, majority of our writers come from Native English Speaking countries. Moreover, we have taken the time to train them to be competent writers. Furthermore, we regularly evaluate their professionalism so that they can render professional services all the time. Any writers found to be unprofessional are immediately disengaged. We also have a team of editors who go through the final product and check whether instructions are followed, the paper is properly formatted, and that it is free from plagiarisms.
Q. Do you have access to good databases for the purposes of referencing?
Yes. Our company has access to numerous databases, journals, articles, books, dissertations, projects, magazines, government documents, newspapers and so forth. The same case applies to our writers. Thus, you can be sure that your paper will utilize the most recent literature at all times.
Q. Can I request for revisions?
Yes you can. If you find that, there are aspects you need changed request a free revision. However, always make sure that the revision instructions are consistent with the instructions given when placing the order.
Q. What happens after I approve an order?
The moment you approve an order, the paper is now yours for personal use.
Q. Can I request for revisions after I approve an order?
Yes you can. However, the window for requesting a revision is seven days after order approval. In case of a thesis or dissertation, you have 21 days to request for revision after approving an order.
Q. Is the mode of payment secure?
Yes. You can make payment through PayPal, a safe, fast, and secure way to make payment to over 193 countries across the globe.
Q. What about privacy and confidentiality?
Any information provided is safe and secure. Unless we are compelled by the law, we never reveal any client information to third parties under no circumstances.
Q. Is my paper going to be plagiarism free?
Yes. Every paper received from writers is passed through anti-plagiarism application in order to confirm that it is plagiarism free. Moreover, our writers are already aware that any deliberate form of plagiarism will result in automatic termination of our engaged with them, without warning.
Q. Can I ask for anything, anytime I need clarification?
Sure. In case you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us; call the toll free number, initiate chat, or email us, and we will attend to your concerns right away.