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January 18, 2015
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January 18, 2015

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Environmental problems and their devastating impact on the planet have been a great concern to many. Many learning institution have taken the task of informing their students on the various environmental problems and the world tree planting day set up among other things that can unite the whole globe in the fight for the environment. Thus, writing an environmental studies paper is a common thing in schools.

When students write my environmental studies research paper, they begin with the assigned topic. A paper on global warming for example will need to define what the term means. It has to speak about the toxic chemicals humans use as either fertilizers, fuel guzzlers, in the factories and the effects they have had on the environment, most notably the Ozone layer. An environmental studies paper needs to be well-structured and include a thorough problem analysis and the advanced solutions. We advise students who write environmental studies research paper to make use of the CSE/CBE style, while formatting it to the recommended style. However, most environmental studies paper will depend on the student’s academic ability

What to remember as you write environmental research paper

A thesis statement is that sentence in your environmental research paper that acts as a summary of the entire work or the arguments your are about to advance in your writings. It should not necessarily appear in the introduction. It should however be placed in a logical part of your paper. It is more of an answer to the paper, rather than a question. A thesis statement makes the

Again, the thesis statement is more of an assertion rather than an observation. For instance instead of stating a fact such as farmers use many chemicals for their crops, the thesis statement could be: farmers are causing environmental de-gradation through the use of many chemicals for their crops. A thesis statement should also be a stand, rather than a piece of news or an announcement. It should be presented as the main idea of the paper and not merely a topic or title of the paper. For instance instead of; Farm chemicals and global warming. It could be, the continued application of farm chemicals has made it impossible to curb the effects global warming. Besides, a thesis statement should not be too broad but narrow, which makes it sufficient and quite easy to support. A thesis such as; “Global warming has many effects”  is too wide. It is this vital to narrow it down to; “The primary problem of global warming is its devastating effect on human settlement”. A thesis statement should have a single point and not many controlling ideas which make it irrelevant.

You can always revise your thesis statement in the course of your writing. Most writers will find that they get the main concept of the paper as they develop their statements, changing the thesis statement to something more suitable is agreed.

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