Writing a psychology research paper for the college class

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January 18, 2015
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January 18, 2015

Writing a psychology research paper for the college class


Writing a psychology paper will require a considerable amount of time and the development of quite a lengthy paper.Like any other scientific paper, you need to communicate some new idea, theory, or experiment in a clear, concise, and grammatically correct manner, as you express your arguments in an easy to understand format. Importantly, you need to articulate your ideas in a factual manner, as you authoritatively conjure arguments that are strongly backed by evidence. That is, while avoiding over-quoting, you nonetheless need to distil the essence of the ideas or findings represented in your work, comparatively, with previous research findings investigating same or similar phenomenon. This will be the case whether you are writing a grant proposal, research term papers, article reviews and critiques, or simply writing a simple psychology essay.  How can you easily navigate through all these important ingredients and present a good paper for your college class?

Before writing a psychology research paper, always remember to pre-plan. This involves carefully going through the assignment or research question, picking the key words and fitting them together. Plan on the required time and how much you think you can develop on the paper, with help from a research paper service.

Writing a psychology research paper will require detailed research and analysis of your paper, either from the university library and other available academic sources. Remember to make use of professionally written topics and other peer reviewed articles related to psychology. In this stage, it is pertinent to highlight the relevant phrases, this makes referencing easier. If you area first timer, it is important to outline your work, which serves as a method of organizing the research paper. Further, it ensures that the writer is not swayed into irrelevant materials.

Write your psychology research paper beginning with the introduction part, which should contain very attention-grabbing facts, and statistics on the problem you are tackling. Your psychology paper should focus on what the paper is all about while laying out your rationale for writing the essay. This is done through the employment of words such as-For instance:- The Effects of schizophrenic depression on foster adoptive parents- the effects are similar with the post-partum depression on biological parents. Little research has however, been conducted on the phenomena.

After stating your topic of concern, research questions follow. Your psychology paper needs to focus on either quantitative or qualitative research. The literature review on the topic provides an insight on what is necessary; this is supported by the works of previous writers. Write your conclusion which is mostly a summary of what you have written. Make sure that you do not raise any questions from the reader in this section. Finally, most professors will issue a grading rubric in their assignments. Use it!

Common types of psychology papers

Psychology majors or research psychologists are involved in various forms of writing in the field of psychology. Psychology is however similar to other forms of writing, instructors are keen to give guidelines on what is expected of each form of writing.

A psychology case study is common with students who major in abnormal psychology. As such, they are required to write a case study of a person who can be real or imagined. There pertinent information to include in a case study such as, the historical background of your client, a thorough description of his problem, the diagnosis of the client’s problem and finally the possible treatments or other kind of help applicable.

Psychology laboratory reports are common in the research-based courses or the experimental courses in the filed of psychology. Its contents are similar to that of a professional journal. It is vital to include detailed literature review. It is necessary to have a very clear overview, and explanations of your experiments and the study of the problem carried out prior to the experiment.

A psychology critique paper assists students learn more about psychological articles written by other scholars and assists in writing the psychology research paper as well. No matter what one majors in, they are bound to write a critique in one area or another.

When writing a psychology critique, remember to study the methods section of the paper in detail. Note the variables that the writer is measuring. Go through the results section of the article while noting whether the graphs give enough statistical information required. Any questions rising from these will assist in writing a critique at the end. Read the discussion where the researchers interpret their research.  Make sure the conclusions developed by the researcher are reasonable enough. Finally prepare an outline of the paper.

To recap. Your psychology research paper will have the following important sections, especially while writing an empirical paper or a research proposal:

1. The Abstract. The abstract is a brief recap of what the reader is to expect from your paper. It should bear the topic, methodologies used, main findings, and conclusions or precisely but briefly articulated

2. The introduction. This is where you describe the phenomenon under investigation, why it is important, a recap of the main literature to use, and the expected outcomes from your investigations

3. The methodology used section. Here, you will detail the approach followed to generate data for analysis and while this approach is best suited for the current study

4. Results section. This is where you will provide a documentation and discussion of the major findings arising from your study.

5. Conclusion. A recap of the major findings, recommendations and future research directions

Following this simple recipe will ensure you write a wonderful psychology paper for your college class.