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January 18, 2015
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January 18, 2015

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Most academic essays are either written to persuade, generate a debate or just informative. A creative essay on the other hand is supposed to give the message to the reader in a totally different manner. The subject of discussion is supposed to be more interesting, different from a persuasive essay that tries to convince the reader to buy the writers thoughts. The subject of discussion might not be particularly interesting, however, a creative essay is supposed change the readers mind by giving some life to the subject.

Among the key characteristics that a creative essay needs to bear, is the story-telling characteristic. Thus a creative essay should have a number of metaphors, similes, fictional statements, a dialogue and many other literary devices that make it interesting for the reader. The creative essay comes out well if it is a form of dramatic element.

When you write a creative essay, you need to be very reflective; the essay needs to delve more into the subject. As such the writer needs to clearly understand their topic. Try writing your topic   as an academic term paper. This will assist you collect the right materials, choose a good thesis statement and brainstorm with your colleagues. Most academic term papers will employ the five paragraph structures; the creative essay can however break this rule.

Your paragraphs need to be interesting with many twists and turns. Avoid the common clichés such as the early bird catching the worm, No hurry in Africa and so forth. Make sure that you are original only inserting metaphors at the right places. As mentioned, you do not have to obey the five paragraph rule. However, ensure that your introduction catches the attention of the reader and he is obliged to read on. Further, your conclusion should remind the reader of the subject, ensure that it leaves the reader thinking over your subject of discussion. A creative essay does not provide answers; neither inform on anything, it simply creates sense and invokes questions from the reader. This can happen to the most familiar subject to you, only this time, you are left with an urge to learn more.

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